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Location: Cumberland County Historical Society

In conjunction with the Friends of Craighead House.

7:00 pm









From Frank Craighead and his siblings who grew up in a house along the Yellow Breeches, descended a battalion of people who made the study of various aspects of nature their life’s work. The house at Craighead Station was a summer home where the children played, swam and fished, pioneered falconry as a sport in the U.S., studied nature and the classics, and began writing careers. As teenagers, twins Frank Jr. and John became known for their work with hawks and owls. Soon, they were writing and photographing articles for National Geographic. Jean wrote over 100 books about animals and children, including Newbery Honor winner My Side of the Mountain. Tom Benjey, who has written about the Craigheads, will share what he has learned about this family, for whom the study of nature was central.