Science Summit

Biannual Science Summit

The summit will feature presentations of important research conducted here in the South Mountain Landscape and will also help define regional research priorities for the next grant cycle. This is also intended to be a gathering where students, faculty, land managers, planners and land use professionals can meet, network, and envision the future of science and research in South Mountain country.

2024 Science Summit | April 12, 2024 in Shippensburg

Spring Partnership Meeting and Science Summit

About the Summit

Highlights landscape research taking place in the region and builds a network of agencies, property owners, academic institutions, land managers, researchers, and university students who share information, expertise, and resources; connects students to internship and career opportunities.

2022 Recap

2021 Update

2020 Update 

Year 1 Pilot Report

2019 Update

Pilot launched via Inaugural Science Summit.