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The Froelicher Legacy: Preserving a Watershed Landscape for Environmental Education in Adams County

Event Date: September 28, 2017

Event Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Gettysburg – Harrisburg Area Community College Campus at 7:00pm

Strawberry Hill Foundation was founded in 1986 by Frances Morton Froelicher. Mrs. Froelicher began the foundation to support her husband’s efforts to clean-up and protect the Swamp Creek Watershed. In the early 1960s, the Froelichers began purchasing properties in Hamiltonban Township, stitching together various tracts of land to create the 519-acre core of Strawberry Hill. As the founder and executive director of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association of Baltimore, MD
from 1945-69, Mrs. Froelicher believed that work done with a small professional staff , a large number of volunteers and a great deal of enthusiasm, that Strawberry Hill could establish itself as a valuable asset to the Adams County community. Today, Strawberry Hill protects numerous wetlands, vernal pools, and two ‘exceptional value’ stream corridors, and the cultural heritage of Swamp Creek, Middle Creek, and Mount Hope. The Preserve provides recreational opportunities to Adams County residents through a variety of cultural and environmental programs and by maintaining ten miles of trails that are open to the public for hiking.

This event will present a refl ection on the fi rst 50 years of the two-part mission that has created this exceptional value watershed to be placed in the public trust in perpetuity. Come to learn how Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve has stayed true to its mission of protecting the Swamp Creek Watershed and connecting the South Mountain landscape region with the natural world through environmental education and land stewardship.

In collaboration with Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.