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Greene Township, Franklin County

| Corker Hill Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Study |

The Township will prepare a feasibility and adaptive reuse study aimed at providing recommendations for the highest and best uses at the Corker Hill site, ultimately preserving its rich heritage.
Greene Township will create and evaluate plans to restore the Corker Hill property, a historical site, consisting of two parcels: an 8.54-acre mansion house complex tract and a 26-acre adjoining historic barn complex and tenant house tract. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, this formalization of its historic significance is the rationale for the Township’s efforts to preserve Corker Hill as a valuable historic asset in the community. By restoring Corker Hill, local quality of live and the entire community will be enhanced by maximizing, integrating and building upon the existing recreational and historical amenities available within the Township. Due to its proximity to the Greene Township Municipal Park, the preservation and productive reuse of Corker Hill will build upon the Park’s rich community features providing residents and visitors a historical treasure to experience.