SMP Releases Year in Review

The South Mountain Partnership has released its 2021 Year in Review summarizing the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve this year through our diverse partnerships.

SMP sponsors networks of people, such as our committees, by providing strategic counsel, infrastructure, and organizational management. This type of sponsorship provides the support necessary to engage and inspire local leaders to be landscape conservation practitioners and supporters.

Some of the highlights we are proud to report on include;

  • Awarded $50,000 of South Mountain Mini-Grant funding to local municipalities and conservation groups and leveraged +$155,000 in matching funds
  • Turned community interest and concerns into action by focusing our Spring Meeting program on solar energy development, delivered cross-industry expert knowledge, conducted a regional solar survey, and convened a regional Solar Work Group.
  • Brought together +380 people at 5 regional events to network and learn about solar development, climate resilience and planning, water quality, and what it means to practice Landscape Conservation with the help of the Friends of the South Mountain Partnership.

Read the 2021 Year in Review Here.