State of the Region Data Sources

METRICRecent data set dateComparison data set dateData Source
Air quality20232010CDC
Driving proximity to trails2019NONEDCNR
Driving proximity to water access2019NONEDCNR
Extreme heat days2011-20202001-2010CDC
Extreme rain days2011-20202011-2020CDC
Farmland20172007USDA Census of Agriculture
Forested land20232010Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium
Historic Places2023NONEPA SHARE
Orchards20172007USDA Census of Agriculture
Preserved farmland20232010WeConservePA & Individual County-provided GIS Data
Preserved land20232010Individual County-provided GIS Data
Public open space2023NONEIndividual County provided GIS Data & DCNR
Riparian buffers20182013Chesapeake Conservancy
Streams and creeks2023NONEPA DEP
Trails & bike routes20232013DCNR