1st Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Agroforestry Professional Development Training in Adams County – Sept 7-9, 2016

Registration is now open for the 1st Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Agroforestry Professional Development Training


Agroforestry 3-Day Professional Development Training – Biglerville,PA Sept 7-9, 2016

With assistance from NE SARE, A partnership of national and regional agroforesters is hosting three-day advanced agroforestry training for technical service providers and agricultural educators. This training will provide a brief review of agroforestry, and opportunities for participants to explore agroforestry applications in depth with regional experts. Two days of lectures, networking and design sessions along with a full day of field tours at some of our areas top demonstration sites will leave you with plentiful information and resources to help your clients implement an innovative system with a multitude of ecological, social and economic benefits. Registration information appears below.


What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry describes a suite of practices that combine trees with annual or perennial crops and/or livestock in ways that provide economic and ecological benefits to farmers and other landowners across the landscape. These benefits may include improvements in topsoil, livestock, crops, and wildlife; increased productivity of agricultural and horticultural crops; reduced need for energy and chemical inputs; improved water and air quality; enhanced biodiversity and landscape diversity; and diversified local economies.