March/April Partnership Update

April 29, 2021

Happy Spring! The season of growth is in full swing here. You can see it on your walks and drives, in the fields and parks and forests, and in our streets. We feel it here too – this is a formative time for the South Mountain Partnership, as if things are about to bounce forward in a new and exciting way. While many things are happening behind the scenes, here are a few of the priorities:

A new opportunity is available to you! The Directory of the South Mountain Partnership will better connect you with other like-minded professionals and people throughout the region. Sign-up by Friday, May 7th to have a custom listing in the 2021 directory. This is a no charge service that we are providing because attendees of the last Fall Partnership Meeting told us that they need a way to connect with others throughout the region.

The Friends of the South Mountain Partnership, a Project of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor, is growing! Become a member to support our work in promoting and preserving farmland, historic places, and natural and recreation assets by fostering partnership and collaboration, connecting open space and recreation with the built environment and community health and wellness, and providing funding opportunities to local on-the-ground partners.

We are in need of volunteers to join our communications committee and program committee. We need strong communicators who are active doers and have well developed skills for getting our message out and into communities. If you like to take action and get things done, contact Katie at with a letter of interest and/or resume. These are especially great opportunities for those who are developing new skills or individuals who have entered retirement.

Register now for the Spring Partnership Meeting to be held on May 14th. The Program committee members are bringing excellent speakers for you to better understand how solar development will impact our region and the steps that you and local governments should be taking to ensure that good decisions are made.
Additionally, the South Mountain Mini-Grant Program is open for projects that protect and promote the South Mountain region. Submit your short pre-application form by Friday, May 28, 2021. Only those who pre-apply may submit a final application.

Lastly, you will soon meet our new hires! We are currently scheduling interviews for the Program Manager position and contracting with a consultant for the Research Corps and Science Summit. I look forward to introducing you to them over the next few months and look forward to seeing everything that our South Mountain Partnership network accomplish in the months ahead! See you at the Spring Meeting!

My Best,
Katie Hess
Director, South Mountain Partnership & Director of Pennsylvania Landscape Conservation