Match Madness Brings Donor Support Across the Region

Match Madness is a community fundraising campaign led by our partner the Partnership for Better Health.  Through this program, Partnership for Better Health provides administrative support to gather donations and match funds for other organizations.

This year you can support 48 nonprofits in our community through Match Madness! These organizations provide health care access & awareness, youth development & resources, resources for older adults, recovery & reentry support, and focus on recreation, conservation, and preservation!

Learn more and donate here. This great work is happening across our region in Cumberland, Perry, Franklin, and Adams Counties—including several of our partner organizations!

Help Build Flex Grants in the South Mountain!

South Mountain Partnership was invited to participate for the first time with Partnership for Better Health through their Match Madness campaign! Throughout the month of March, the first $1000 donated to South Mountain Partnership through the Match Madness campaign will be evenly matched, dollar for dollar.

South Mountain Partnership is setting a goal of $600, which will fund small-scale local conservation projects that align with our mission but aren’t traditionally eligible for our Mini-Grant program. Last year, South Mountain Partnership could only fund three Flex Grant applicants—a quarter of applicants overall. If South Mountain Partnership meets this goal, matching from Partnership for Better Health will fund another two Flex Grants, allowing for the completion of more projects to protect our landscape—all with your help.

Donate by March 31 to ensure your gift counts towards match!