Nominations Open: Spirit of South Mountain Award

Each year the South Mountain Partnership recognizes an individual, project, or organization that has made significant contributions to advancing a positive and sustainable future for the South Mountain landscape.

What qualities of the South Mountain Landscape does SMP seek to protect? Farms and Farmland, Historic Places, Natural Assets(water bodies, air quality, public health ), and Recreational Assets(trails, walkability, and open space). 

The contribution we’d like to honor can take many shapes, such as

  1. an organization preserving farms and farmland
  2. a citizen working in their community to promote sustainability or
  3. a steward of our forest land and so much more, we welcome your creative ideas.

The Spirit of South Mountain award is to be presented at the Annual “Power of the Partnership” Celebration held on Sept 29th, 2023. Read about our past awardees here.

Submissions are due Aug 28 by 4PM.


Award nominations will be judged based on the degree to which they:

  • reflect the mission of the South Mountain Partnership: “Conserving Landscape Resources to enrich the quality of life and sense of place of the South Mountain region’s citizens and communities
  • advance the goals of the South Mountain Partnership:
  • Conservation of Landscape Resources – conserving and stewarding the natural, cultural, recreational and agricultural resources that make the South Mountain landscape unique;
  • Promotion of Landscape Resources – elevating public awareness of the natural, cultural, recreational, and agricultural resources;
  • Connections Across the Landscape – creating a community of collaboration amongst a critical mass of public agencies, non-profit and community organizations, businesses, and citizens.