Partnership Highlighted in Report on National Workshop for Large Landscape Conservation

The South Mountain Partnership and the innovative work that we are pursuing as a landscape-scale conservation project was featured in Expanding Horizons: Highlights from the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation

This report summarizes the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation — held October 23-24, 2014 and the first major conference on large landscape conservation in North America. Over 650 conservation professionals came together in Washington DC to celebrate progress and share ideas on large-scale collaborations. The report stresses a multi-disciplinary, networked approach to finding solutions that benefit human, wildlife, cultural and ecological health.

The South Mountain Partnership collaborated with PA DCNR leadership and leadership from within Conservation Landscapes across Pennsylvania to put together a dedicated session during the October conference that focused on starting up and sustaining large landscape conservation projects. We shared lessons learned and insights from our work here in the South Mountain landscape around the themes of building an inclusive and collaborative process, establishing and articulating a clear strategic foundation, and identifying a network leader.

Quoting the report: ‘As one presenter from the South Mountain Partnership in Pennsylvania noted, “Landscape-scale work can be a somewhat nebulous concept and articulating a concrete understanding of how the work will be approached can be critical to building the collaboration.”‘

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