Partnership to host Summit on Community Wellness

The South Mountain Partnership is hosting the “Go Local for Health” Community Wellness Summit on Friday, May 1st at the Allenberry Resort Inn & Playhouse in Boiling Springs. This regional summit will explore the concept of proactive wellness as a point of integration around themes of creating sustainable communities and landscapes. Engaging diverse community partners in the broader health conversation is critical to shifting how we think about health from a back-end perspective (treating symptoms) to a front-end perspective (proactively shaping healthy lives and communities).

Health admittedly is an almost-overwhelming broad topic – the Partnership will focus on the three areas where its priorities intersect most strongly within the broader health conversation: outdoor recreation, local food & agriculture, and community design. The South Mountain Partnership, in collaboration with lead partner Partnership for Better Health, invites diverse partners to join the conversation on how this proactive wellness perspective can be a powerful tool for leveraging our collective work throughout communities to create behaviors and landscapes that foster wellness-oriented lifestyles.

Click here to learn more and for a link to registration.