Sept/Oct in the South Mountain Intro

Fall in the South Mountain Region is something truly magical. Every time I step outside, and the cool breeze hits my face, or I see the leaves swaying, or smell apple cooking I am filled with such renewed awe for where we live. I hope you too take some time this season to stop and smell the roses (or, in our case… apples!)
Fall has also led me to participate in several wonderful events with our partners. On Sept 17, we held our Fall Partnership Meeting under a pavilion at the Pine Grove Furnace State Park. It was so energizing to be together with our partners and this led me to reflect on one of our core missions; helping the region live, grow, and lead healthy. Talking about our changing climate with leaders from all types of organizations so clearly showed we all cared deeply about keeping our region healthy through the decisions and actions of our local government, businesses, non-profits, and citizens. We can achieve these big goals of living and leading healthy, but only if we act now and together to secure a future we’ll be proud to leave to the next generation. This could look like all our counties following Cumberland’s lead on climate planning, us thinking about our region globally as a climate corridor, or you getting involved in a community group like the one’s we heard from at the meeting.
I also had the opportunity to join our first Walk and Talk Speaker Series, Sept 24, at Pine Grove State Forest. This event was so much fun and was such a relaxing way to enjoy our gorgeous landscape. This Friday (Oct 1), the Friends of the South Mountain Partnership will be at the Sustain-a-fest Event at Messiah College, consider dropping by from 4-7PM to chat! More info can be found here.
I also hope to see you on one of our upcoming Speaker Series “Walk and Talks” Oct 8 and 22!
Talk again soon!