South Mountain Research Corps and Science Summit Consultant Hired!

The South Mountain Partnership and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy are excited to announce the selection of a consultant, Joe Baker, to engage the South Mountain Research Corps and Science Summit Steering Committee in managing and facilitating Year 2 of the South Mountain Research Corps and Science Summit Pilot, a collaborative research program that supports academic institutions and the existing and emerging natural and cultural resource conservation efforts throughout the South Mountain landscape of portions of Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York counties in Pennsylvania. The Program’s target audiences are: Land owners (private and public, large and small), land managers (private and public, large and small), academic researchers, university students, conservation organizations, and related partners.

Joe’s experience in program management alongside his well-honed facilitation and relationship building skills make him a great addition to our team. A lifelong outdoorsman and current resident of Cumberland County, Joe has mentored countless professionals and students in the region.

To quote Joe’s official Bio “Joe is an archaeologist, writer and editor most recently working at PennDOT and DCNR. He has worked at three federal agencies and four state agencies since 1979. He has a Bachelors’ degree from Penn State and an MA from the University of Montana. Through no fault of his own he has served in various capacities for a number of professional and non-profit organizations but has so far successfully avoided leadership positions in any of them. He is interested in educating and encouraging young professionals in Cultural Resource Management and in all the National Environmental Policy Act disciplines. He has more avocational interests than are really healthy and tries not to take himself too seriously.”

Please join us in welcoming Joe and look for updates soon from the Research Corps and Science Summit!