Gettysburg College Seeks Partners for Student Projects

Gettysburg College is seeking community partners for a senior seminar course “Area-Based Conservation”
during the Spring 2023 semester. The Environmental Studies Department requires that all majors
complete a capstone project. Most of their students meet this requirement through a senior seminar in
the fall or spring semester of their senior year. Seminar topics vary across faculty and semesters,
but all are required to be interdisciplinary. For example, in Area-Based Conservation, they cover
topics like the conservation benefits of protected areas, indigenous and local land management, and
the economics of area-based conservation.

Community Partners are needed to help collaborate with students. The partner and students work together to identify the project types, and can be helpful to your organization! Full information on this course can be found in this downloadable fact sheet. If you are interested in collaborating with the Environmental Studies Department during the Spring 2023 semester (or in future semesters), please let Natasha Gownaris (Tasha) know by filling out this brief Google Form. Please feel free to contact Tasha at with questions.