Michaux Plans New Public Engagement Facilities

Michaux State Forest has selected the site of its new Resource Management Center (RMC) to replace the current Michaux Forest District Office. The new RMC will improve services in the South Mountain Conservation Landscape by better serving district forest needs, residents, and visitors. As a gateway to the forest, the new RMC will enhance forest user engagement and serve as a teaching and demonstration center.

The selected site is the South Mountain Golf Course, land currently owned by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and leased to a third party. The 47-acre site of the South Mountain Golf Course became state forest land in 1964, and was leased to a private vendor and reopened as a golf venue in 1968. While this site has served as a valued golf course for many, having the RMC there will increase acres in conservation management and be a free public resource for residents, outdoor recreation users, and visitors to learn about Michaux State Forest. South Mountain Partnership understands that the golf course has been very important to local residents and golf course users for a very long time and we look forward to exploring opportunities to document and highlight that legacy.

A thoughtful evaluation of many potential sites led to the selection of this site. The site was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Public accessibility
  • Trail connectivity and visitation proximity
  •  Low environmental impact and opportunity to protect critical wildlife
  • Enhanced operations
  • And the current high prevalence of numerous other golf opportunities in the region

Want to learn more about the decision-making process? Read this FAQ document that addresses many common questions.

RMCs can serve as an important tool in stewarding and protecting our State Forests while increasing positive recreation and educational opportunities and immersive experiences for visitors. Check out this link to see a recently built Tiadaghton Resource Management Center. This type of resource would significantly benefit the South Mountain Conservation Landscape. The Michaux State Forest team shared the design of the Michaux RMC is still in early stages of planning, but plans to center environmentally sustainable building practices and a design style that is complementary (and inspired by) the forest.